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Benefits of the Wobble Exercise

Wobble Chair Exercise

A flexible spine is a young spine, and at Glacier Chiropractic of Seattle, we strive to use innovative practices such as wobble exercise to keep your spine supple and healthy. This is a practice that is sweeping the nation and does wonders to reduce stress, assist in […]

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Benefits Of Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression Therapy Seattle

For effective back pain relief, you should consider spinal decompression therapy at Glacier Chiropractic in Ballard, Seattle. If you’ve been experiencing chronic lower back pain, then you could benefit from what is known as spinal traction therapy. This form of treatment can sometimes prevent the need for invasive surgeries. […]

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Glacier ChiropracticAt Glacier Chiropractic in Ballard we provide professional and affordable chiropractic care. We treat a variety of spine and extremity conditions from our convenient Seattle area location.

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