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Chiropractic Tips For Better Posture

Chiropractic Tips For Better Posture

There’s a reason parents always admonish their children to “sit up straight!” We all know that good posture is important, yet it is so easy to neglect. After a long day’s work, you probably are looking forward to kicking off your shoes and slumping down on the sofa, but you also know that isn’t exactly going to help the nagging pain you’ve been feeling in your neck and back.

Why Proper Posture Is So Important

Good posture means that you sit, stand, lie, and move in ways intended to keep your bones and joints aligned with minimal wear and tear. Good posture also helps to:

  • Reduce Spinal Stress
  • Increase Muscle Efficiency
  • Improve Your Mood
  • Make You Breathe Better
  • Aid In Digestion
  • Increase Self-Confidence

The Cons Of Bad Posture

  • Neck & Back Pain
  • Spinal Misalignment
  • Poor Lung and Digestive Functions
  • Headaches & Jaw Pain
  • Constricted Nerves

Seven Tips To Start Improving Your Posture Today

  1. Try Not To Slouch. Slouching and slumping put extra pressure on your bones, including your spine. This can strain the spinal joints and muscles, leading to back and neck pain. Slouching can also disrupt the digestive process by compressing the abdominal organs.
  2. Work Ergonomically. If your work requires you to sit and use a computer, try to get up occasionally to stretch and move your body. Make sure your chair has adequate back support and sit up straight, with your feet on the floor, without crossing your legs.
  3. Choose Your Shoes Wisely. Bad shoes throw you off balance, leading to foot, knee, and back pain. And we aren’t just talking about flip-flops and high heels; flats have little padding or arch support, and can also affect your posture. Try and select shoes with adequate toe room, arch support, and padded insoles.
  4. Adjust Your Sleeping Habits. If sleeping increases your pain, it may be time to shop for a new mattress and support pillow. Avoid stomach sleeping which puts extra pressure on the back and spine. Experiment to find the most comfortable sleeping position, and use a pillow between your knees (side sleepers) or under your knees (back sleepers).
  5. Avoid “Text Neck.” People who text and play games on their phones and tablets tend to spend a lot of time looking down. Over time this can cause a repetitive strain injury involving muscle strain, pinched nerves, disc issues, and even a reversal of the neck’s natural curvature. To avoid this, try not to bend over your device, but rather keep it at eye level and cut your screen time.
  6. Try To Reduce Other Neck-Bending Habits. Devices aside, many other hobbies and activities such as studying tend to involve bending over for extensive periods. Take frequent breaks and see if you can reduce the amount of time you spend with your neck bent down.
  7. See Your Chiropractor Regularly.  Having regular chiropractic evaluations and adjustments is key to keeping your spine in tip-top shape. You can also ask your doctor to recommend exercises that can help fix bad posture and strengthen and tone your spinal muscles.

Posture Chiropractor In Seattle, WA

If you are ready to start fixing your posture and get started on a better spinal health path, call Glacier Chiropractic today and schedule an appointment. We offer a range of holistic care services in the Seattle area, designing each patient’s treatment plan around their unique needs and wellness goals.

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