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Can Good Sleep Posture Help Back Pain?

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If you are trying to relieve your back pain, Glacier Chiropractic can help you. Back pain affects all aspects of your life, making your work and leisure hours uncomfortable or downright excruciating.

Relieving Back Pain

You are probably aware that regular chiropractic care, gentle exercise, and good lifting habits can make a difference in how your back feels. But have you ever considered how your sleep posture affects your health? Between relieving pain and improving sleep health, your posture greatly affects you.

Practicing Good Posture

The idea of changing your sleeping position can be a little overwhelming. Healthy changes always take some practice. It will be worth it to lose the back pain that may be affecting:

  • Your Neck
  • Your Legs
  • Your Nerves
  • Your Mental Health

What Is The Ideal Sleep Posture?

Whether you sleep on your back, your side, or your stomach, healthy posture aligns your ears, shoulders, and hips. In addition, you can use pillows to assist your alignment.

Things To Consider For Good Sleep Posture

  • Head Position
  • Sleep Position – Side, Stomach, Back
  • How You Roll Over

The Pillow Under Your Head

The pillow you place under your head will considerably affect your nighttime posture. A side sleeper may need a thicker cushion to align their head with their body. A back sleeper needs a pillow that fills the gap between the neck and the mattress. You may strain your neck and back muscles if your pillow is too thick.

Sleep Position Matters

There are as many different ways to sleep as there are people in the world. While everyone sleeps differently, most people at least start in one of three positions.

On Your Side

Side sleepers often find that a firm pillow between their knees helps keep their spine aligned. Some people also use a small pillow or a rolled-up towel under their waist.

On Your Stomach

This position is often described as harmful to your spine, but you can eliminate the strain on your spine by putting a flat pillow under your abdomen and pelvis. In addition, you will need a flat pillow (or perhaps no pillow) under your head.

On Your Back

If you sleep on your back, you will find your best spine alignment by putting a small pillow under your knees.

A Full Body Roll

While you might not have ever considered how you move at night, it can greatly affect your spine health. Many people turn at the waist while they sleep, leaving their spine in a twisted position that strains the muscles. As you move throughout the night, try to move your whole body instead of twisting your waist.

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