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5 Mistakes To Avoid After Whiplash

Whiplash Chiropractor Seattle

Whiplash is a deceptive injury that can often take several hours to manifest pain following an auto accident. However, exacerbating the injury is all too easy if one is not careful. Given the numerous concerns following a car accident, the last thing you need is neck pain. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of five harmful mistakes to avoid after whiplash, which can help expedite your recovery process and ensure complete recuperation.

  1. Driving with Neck Pain
  2. Lying Around
  3. Wearing A Neck Brace For Too Long
  4. Doing Too Much, Too Soon
  5. Hoping It Will Just Go Away On Its Own

1. Driving With Neck Pain

Everyone has daily responsibilities such as work, grocery shopping, and taking care of their children. Nevertheless, if your neck pain is intense to the point where you are unable to turn your head and observe traffic or pedestrians around you, driving should not be an option. It is unwise to rely solely on the mirrors in your car, which has many blind spots. Driving in this state can endanger others on the road, and another car accident may result in further neck injury, possibly requiring surgery or hospitalization. It is best to opt for alternative transportation methods rather than risk another car accident injury by driving yourself.

2. Lying Around

Rest can be beneficial for healing a whiplash injury, but excessive rest can actually slow down the recovery process. It’s important to strike a balance between rest and movement to prevent your neck from becoming stiff. After a day or two of rest, it’s helpful to start incorporating gentle movements to speed up your recovery. A chiropractor can provide you with exercises to do at home that can stretch and strengthen your neck, which will improve your range of motion and help you return to normal function more quickly.

3. Wearing A Neck Brace For Too Long

A neck brace can provide support and pain relief by limiting movement while an injury heals. However, it is not a permanent solution and may become a dependency. Wearing a neck brace can hinder your ability to fully move your neck and stretch your muscles, which could slow down the healing process. Additionally, the National Institutes of Health warn that wearing a neck brace, especially one that has not been prescribed for you, may lead to muscle atrophy in the neck.

4. Doing Too Much, Too Soon

When it comes to whiplash, movement, and flexibility are important, but returning to your normal daily activities can actually make the injury worse. A chiropractor can help by showing you modified ways to do your necessary tasks without causing further harm. This will allow you to keep moving and maintain your flexibility while also promoting healing and preventing further damage.

5. Hoping It Will Just Go Away On Its Own

Many individuals believe that whiplash is a minor injury that does not necessitate medical attention. While it is frequently self-diagnosed and self-treated, it is crucial to have a licensed chiropractor examine your neck and spine for any injuries immediately because symptoms may take more than 24 hours to manifest. Attempting to disregard the discomfort or mask it with medication may result in more severe injuries, a stiff neck, shoulder, or even chronic pain. Why take the chance when healing treatments for whiplash are readily accessible through your preferred chiropractor?

More Than Just A Sore Neck

Why a chiropractor? Because when your head gets thrown around in a car accident, a fight, a fall, or during sports, you haven’t just pulled a muscle. Whiplash is a type of spinal injury that can affect the bones in your back, spinal disks, ligaments, muscles, and nerves.

Getting medical care as soon as possible is essential to pinpoint what’s wrong. Get back to school, work, and living life comfortably again. Moving your injury too much or not enough can worsen your symptoms or make them stick around longer.

Get Chiropractic Help For Whiplash

Chiropractors are experts in spinal care and treatment. Post-accident whiplash care differs for every patient and will depend on the nature and severity of your injuries, related to your whiplash injury. If you have been in an accident, and live near the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, contact us at Glacier Chiropractic for an appointment as soon as possible.

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