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What Is A High Hip?

High Hip Therapy

At Glacier Chiropractic, serving you in Seattle and Ballard, WA, we are here to help you with questions like “What is high hip?” Sometimes we receive a diagnosis or hear a description of our symptoms we don’t quite understand. You or a loved one know what high hip feels like. Here is a little more information for you.

Lateral Pelvic Tilt

A high hip or lateral pelvic tilt is essentially when the pelvic joints have become misaligned to the point where one hip looks higher. This causes what is called a posture deviation. It is both difficult to self-diagnose or correct at home.

High Hip And Pain

An uneven hip may be the root cause of lower back pain. Pain associated with a high hip is described as a deep ache of the lowest part of the back. It can cause pain down into the legs but rarely travels past the knees. Just some of the common causes and reasons people suffer from a misaligned pelvis include:

  • Improper Sitting
  • Pregnancy
  • Short Leg Syndrome
  • Falling Backwards
  • Knee Or Hip Arthritis

Finding Help For Hip Pain

People who suffer from a tilted hip have trouble climbing stairs, walking, and standing without feeling some amount of pain. Over the counter painkillers will only continue to mask the symptoms associated with the displaced hip which can lead to not only a dependence on painkillers but can also cause arthritis later in life. If you’re experiencing low back pain for longer than 24-hours, then a spinal treatment plan may be a better step towards lasting pain relief.

Chiropractic Alignment For High Hip

The best and first place to go to alleviate high hip pain is a professional spinal and pelvic adjustment. There are certain exercises that you can do at home to keep your pelvis aligned and pain-free, but without a chiropractors spinal expertise, you might never fully correct or may even injure yourself in the effort to correct the problem. A spinal adjustment can relieve the tension in tight muscles causing the misalignment.

Answering Your Chiropractic Questions In Seattle

What is high hip? Well, we hope we’ve not only answered that question for you but helped you also find the go-to source for chiropractic care in the Seattle and Ballard, WA areas. At Glacier Chiropractic we have the skill set to correct both your spine and pelvis. Call and book an appointment to find out more ways chiropractic care can improve your everyday quality of living today.

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