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Dislocation Treatment

Ouch! Treating dislocation in Seattle doesn’t have to be a pain when you choose Glacier Chiropractic. Located in the Ballard neighborhood, we can help you fix and ease the suffering of shoulder dislocations, arm dislocations, and knee dislocations. Ease the pain and get back to enjoying life with our quality chiropractic care.

Something Doesn’t Look Right

Dislocations can occur at any major or minor joint in the body. You can often tell if you have a dislocated kneecap or dislocated shoulder, for example, because the area will look off. The area also is usually pretty sensitive after dislocation and often will hurt when pressure is applied. There are a few other symptoms that can signal that you’re suffering from more than just a sprain or strain.

  • Deformity In The Area Of The Joint
  • Bruising Or Redness Of The Joint
  • Difficulty Moving The Joint
  • Reduced Muscle Strength
  • Intense Joint Pain
  • Joint Stiffness

Complete Vs. Partial Dislocation

Sometimes you can feel pain, but your elbow, shoulder, or kneecap doesn’t look totally dislocated (a luxation). You could be suffering from a partially dislocated shoulder (subluxation), for example, and experience shoulder pain without realizing that shoulder dislocation is the cause.

How Did This Happen?

Sometimes you know exactly how you ended up with a problem like a dislocated knee or dislocated arm. Maybe you tried to break a fall or slipped while rock climbing. If you are suffering from chronic dislocations, however, there may be an underlying medical condition.

  • Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
  • Hypermobility Syndrome
  • Marfan Syndrome
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Contact Sports
  • Car Accidents
  • Hard Falls

Dislocation Treatment For When You Need Help Now

You might be wondering how to fix an elbow dislocation or a shoulder that’s popped out of place. If it’s late at night or you’re out and about when your joint comes out of alignment, there are some things you can do for yourself immediately.

RICE stands for rest, ice, compress, and elevate. This protocol is the first line of immediate care for those unable to get to a chiropractor right away.

Prevent Damage With Proper Care

As soon as you can, it’s best to make an appointment for a professional reduction. A reduction is where your chiropractor gently maneuvers the bones involved in your joint dislocation back into their proper place. This alleviates symptoms like knee pain without causing more damage to the area.

Trying to pop your knee or shoulder back into place on your own, especially more than once, can damage soft tissue, nerves, and ligaments. These types of injuries can raise your risks of future dislocations in the same area. Who wants a repeat of that pain?

Fix Your Dislocated Joint In Seattle

Call us today to schedule a joint reduction appointment to realign bones, help ease the pain, and to encourage proper healing of your dislocation. At Glacier Chiropractic, serving you throughout Seattle, we care about whole body health and bringing you the wellness you want to live life to the fullest. Let us help you today.

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