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Carpal Tunnel


At Glacier Chiropractic, we’re here to help you with carpal tunnel treatment options in the Seattle and Ballard areas. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) can be a painful and debilitating problem, but there is relief through chiropractic care and therapy. We have a variety of alternative treatments to help you stop this cycle of pain and find relief.

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There is a passageway in the wrist called the carpal tunnel. The median nerve runs through this passageway. Inflammation, swelling, and pressure on this nerve are what cause the pain in carpal tunnel syndrome.

CTS Symptoms Are Different For Everyone

This inflammation has many causes, but some of the most common are repetitive motion, wrist injury, and pregnancy. A doctor should diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are experiencing the following carpal tunnel symptoms, it might be time to seek a diagnosis:

  • Dull, Sharp, Or Shooting Pain
  • Thumb, First Finger, And Middle Finger Numbness
  • Difficulty Grasping Items/Loss Of Hand Control
  • Pain That Shoots Up Your Arm
  • Hand Weakness
  • Swelling

Chiropractic Care For CTS

Research has confirmed that carpal tunnel syndrome can be improved or relieved with a regular chiropractic adjustment. This includes the alignment of the hand, arm, and upper spine – all of which can contribute to the syndrome.

Whole Body Solutions

Poor posture and spinal misalignment are researched and proven as contributing factors to CTS. This is why we look at the whole body when devising a plan for you because every individual is different and the conditions that created the syndrome can vary.

Other Noninvasive Treatment Options

Your carpal tunnel therapy can include many options in addition to chiropractic care. You will possibly need to wear a wrist brace to immobilize the hand from making the types of movements that cause inflammation. Physical therapy exercises may also be recommended to strengthen your hand and tendons.

Ready For Relief From Carpal Tunnel?

Contact Glacier Chiropractic today and explore your options for carpal tunnel treatment. We are proud to serve the Seattle and Ballard areas with compassion, expertise, and natural methods. You don’t have to suffer from carpal tunnel pain.

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